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As contributors are the actual founders of this collaborative artwork.

How To Be A 🌟GREAT🌟 Mentee?

There is ONE type of mentee that exists. Active one. At least we experienced it in that way. Let me know if there exists another approach.

Be sure about:

  1. Have a descriptive GitHub profile readme1.
  2. Have a descriptive LinkedIn2 profile.
  3. Join the Discord Server.


  1. First, what you want to learn, decide.
  2. You should visit active mentorships page. You don't want to miss a mentorships campaign round.
  3. You should visit mentors page. There are tons of GREAT mentors in there.
  4. If the mentor does not have a mentorship campaign, ask politely over Twitter or LinkedIn.
  5. If you want to work 1-1 with the mentor, ask the mentor to add their contact & schedule info like a superpeer account on GitHub profile readme. (This approach is not best way to be a great mentee. Just know it, that is an option.)

If you're looking for someone on Twitter or LinkedIn to be a mentor for you. Ask them for joining us!

Next steps:

You find the:

  • project for contribution (Active / Passive approach)
  • mentor for getting feedback (Passive / Passive approach)

You meet with:

  • like minded people
  • great mentors
  • great friends to work with at discord channel

You will get eventually:

  • a great job
  • great mentorships for long term (lifelong/which I get)

Just tweet about these!

Join Us

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  1. GitHub profile best practises (TO-DO)
  2. LinkedIn profile best practises (TO-DO)

How To Be A 🌟ROCKSTAR🌟 Mentor?

Three types of mentorship models exist around the world. At least we know three of them. If you want to contribute this, You got this: ⚡️

🌟🌟🌟 Active - Passive Mentorships

The best way to be a mentor, engage the mentees in the flow w/o push harder or hussle.

In active passive approach:

Passive side:

  • mentor comes up with a complete blank project like this
  • mentor add the blank project under active mentorships.
  • mentor describes the project with a clear idea in the README.md.

Active side:

Next steps:

  • The mentor shares the mentorship campaign via social networks with (Twitter, LinkedIn)
    • Example: I've created mentorship campaign over https://findmentor.network/peer/cagatay-cali called find-mentor. The project aims to meet the mentors & mentees. Already have 300+ mentees & mentors exists. (That's cool recursion also, just the idea has been hacked.)
  • The mentor joins discord server.
  • If any quick contact needs happen. Discord is fixing the communication needs.

In this approach, the mentor is the passive side of the equation. Mentees will be actively contributing to the mentorship project, they will learn how to do/build/lead the code.

This mentorships model is actually WORKING on this project. That's the reason you can read these lines.

🌟🌟 Active - Active Mentorships

In this model, the mentor sharing the contact way in GitHub profile readme.

The mentor and mentees contacting over social networks (twitter & linkedin & the discord channel),schedule the meeting daily/monthly etc.


  • Mentor & mentee contact directly.
  • Communication is two way.


  • The mentor has to allocate a spot time for mentees.
  • This approach can not be scalable.

🌟 Passive - Passive Mentorships

In this model, the mentor & mentee awaiting the feedback over https://findmentor.network below peer page.

This model also the greatest way to give & get feedback. How can you give a great feedback


  • Easy to communicate
  • Get & give feedback w/o dedicated time-consuming
  • Everyone can read your feedback over the network. This feedback is not only for them. Everyone will get the notice.


  • The mentees should ask the mentors for giving a feedback to them. The mentors can be busy. Don't be rush.

Add mentorship projects

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How To Contact?

If you want to contact any person without waiting for too long...


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How GitHub Profile Should Look Like


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How LinkedIn Profile Should Look Like

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