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Alihan SARAÇ
Alihan Saraç

Interests: frontend, backend, robotic, node.js, vue.js, react-native, electron.js, cross platform, embedded systems, c/c++
Goals: I am a 2nd grade computer science student. I am interested in the cross platform, so I enjoy developing javascript based applications. I am at the level to develop projects on my own with Node.js and Vue.js. I am try code react-native. I have recently started learning Electron.js.I need someone with experience to ask a question and will give advice.On the free time i am coding robotic and embedded systems.I use raspberry, esp32 and arduino as a board.Todays i try to code 2d mapping controoled robot with solar sensor.It will comminicate with compuetr, db and control it self otomaticly or human based



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