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Mert Can Yılmaz
Mert Can Yılmaz

Interests: fronted, backend, vue js, node js, c++, game development (unity or unreal ), machine learning, deep learning, .net core, mvc, flutter, ...
Goals: I am a 2nd grade computer science student. Currently, I want to try different technologies in different areas. Because I am searching for the best job that includes fun and a nice income with an optimal mixture. But to able to be that I think I should increase my options. Now, I contribute to the vue js, node js project of one of the communities I am a member of. I tried to develop a racing game at Unity that includes procedural map generation. I am not bad at data structures. I create a dynamic personal website with .net mvc and mssql. I got this website live on web. But it's not live now because of the host. I enjoy solving challenging problems. I've also dealt with artificial intelligence. But after a certain point, I did not continue. But I want to deal with it one more time. My main goal is to develop myself language-independent. I want to whatever I do, do my best.

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